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Kireth Website Framework

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Kireth Web Design Framework

The Kireth Framework addresses all the major facets of today's modern web

Developed to solve the 5 main objectives that are problematic in today's web world namely Speed, Security, Scalability, Accessibility by all platforms and devices and lastly a reliable fast methodology to Create Content.

The New Kireth Framework is the result of over 35 years of experience in software design and implementation and I believe is one of the strongest web content delivery frameworks in existence.

Speed - Security - Scalability

To achieve these objectives we deploy all sites as static content, utilising our bespoke content generator this is the most secure and fastest method of rendering website content.

Static Content Generation
Static content is published to regular files on your server and handled using the simplest methods available to the web server. The advantages of static content are:

  • It is the fastest and most efficient way to deliver content.
  • It does not require any code to execute or any databases to be accessed, which makes it the most secure way to deliver content.
  • It uses simple, clean URLs to address the content.
  • It takes the best advantage of web caching systems, which further boosts performance.
  • It is compatible with every type of web server technology.
  • It as a tiny resource footprint can handle tens of thousands of requests per second without comprising user experience.

Works on all devices
(Desktops, Mobiles, Tablets, Smart TVs Gaming Platforms)

It is a lightweight framework, developed in LESS, that provides a comprehensive and extensive collection of HTML, CSS, and JS components. It is fully responsive and follows the mobile-first approach for a consistent mobile experience.

The above implementation ensures your website will render flawlessly across all viewing devices of the present day and any new web browsing devices that may become popular in the future.

Super Fast Websites
0.7 Second Page Load

Ease of Build with Intelligent Content

What is intelligent content
Most websites are designed around a finite page structure ie. all the content is used only on that particular page.

At Kireth we take a software approach to content and break the page down further into content elements. An element can be any form of content from simple text or image or even a functional piece of software, for instance, a music player

We then arrange elements into collections called items, which in essence is the website page.

We extend this by adding extra views to the collection that can be used for more than just a single page display.

The extra views accomplish a myriad of tasks from providing teaser information for category views and various on-site content promotion widgets, such as sliders and featured content widgets.

Mobile Tablet advantages
Extracting the content into collections and separation of the display into views also enables us to render perfectly for a particular viewing device without having to duplicate or disrupt any of the main content.

One of the basic software principles in professional software application design is Code Reuse, we have applied these principles to the content generation of our web-builds saving us countless hours in content generation, which we reflect in the price structure of our web-builds.

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