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What is GDPR

The GDPR's main purpose is to enhance the protections that EU citizens have when their data is used and collected, and afford them new rights such as the right to transfer their personal data, or to be forgotten; that is, to have their personal data removed from a system when the law no longer requires its retention.

With all of these new regulations comes enforcement, and in order for companies to protect themselves potential multi-million euro fines, it is important that they ensure that they protect any collected personal data as effectively as they can.

GDPR Our Legal Responsibility

As a web design company which in effect is a third party data processor, we have a legal requirement to provide you with a GDPR Compliant mechanism for delivering the services you have contracted us to supply.

GDPR Compliant Websites

100% GDPR Complient

How We Achieve This For You

Privacy by Design

The Kireth FrameWork which we utilise to implement is designed to be private by default and as such does not use a database or persistent storage mechanisms to operate No Personal Data is collected or stored by the website core.


We deliver your website content over SSL ensuring your users are at all times viewing your site over a secure connection.

Server Side Code

We deploy as pure static HTML and as such do not require any form of serverside coding or execution to operate.

Email Contact Forms on the website

All forms are secured by GeoTrust. The forms Safely collect data and process forms in a secure manner.

Our high-level security certificate keeps all yours and your customers’ data safe and secure from online threats. The Mail server is 256-bit SSL Security Encrypted.


Our core framework does not implement cookies.

SSL Certificate

All content served over and an encrypted link between the web server and client browser

Website Physical Security

All websites and VPS are hosted in our secure, state-of-the-art data centre based in Derbyshire, central UK.

It’s manned 24/7 and includes high-level physical security measures. These cover everything from backup power generators to advanced fire protection.

Domain Name
and Set Up

SSL Certificate

Unlimited 10gb
Email Boxes

100% GDPR

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